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Aurizon operates railway networks from Darwin through to Adelaide and along South Australia’s intrastate railway networks.

Access to the Tarcoola to Darwin railway network and infrastructure is managed under the AustralAsia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1999 and Code.

Access to the South Australian intrastate railway network and infrastructure (which excludes the Tarcoola to Darwin railway network and infrastructure) is managed under the Railways Operations Act 1997 (SA).


The Essential Service Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) regulates the access regimes for the South Australian intrastate rail under the relevant Acts and Codes.  Guidelines on how they manage the act can be found on their website.  

For access to the railway network and infrastructure in South Australia (excluding the Tarcoola to Darwin, ARTC main lines, the GFG Whyalla railway network and infrastructure): click here.

For access to the railway line and infrastructure from Tarcoola to Darwin: click here.