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We operate and manage the railway line and infrastructure from Tarcoola to Darwin. The line exits the ARTC networks at Northgate just north of Tarcoola.

Aurizon manages an open access regime facilitating access to the railway infrastructure between Tarcoola and Darwin through a concession agreement with the Australasia Railway Corporation which gives all rail operators an opportunity to negotiate access to the railway infrastructure.

All parties who would like to gain access to the railway networks and railway infrastructure managed by Aurizon need to meet compliance obligations set out in the Australasia Railway (Third Party Access) Act 1999 and the Code and Guidelines provided by the independent regulator the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA).

The Act, Code and Guidelines set out the rights and responsibilities of above-rail operators as access seekers and the below-rail service provider as the access provider, covering matters such as the negotiation process, dispute resolution, and terms and conditions of access.

Access can be provided to:
  • Railway line between Northgate Block Point (Tarcoola) and Berrimah