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Community Engagement

Acting responsibly, operating in a sustainable manner and providing a positive contribution to communities where we operate are vital to our business success.

We recognize that our business impacts many regional, rural and urban communities across Australia. At Aurizon, we are committed to developing and maintaining positive community and stakeholder relationships with our communities. We consider ourselves part of the local communities where we live and work.

Aurizon operates an engagement governance process that must recognise and adhere to external government requirements (legislation), regulatory bodies (regulations) as well as internal governance policies.

Our Community Engagement Charter is built on four key philosophies:

  1. Commitment to the principal of ZEROHarm in the communities Aurizon operates within.
  2. Building sustainable positive relationships between Aurizon, the community and stakeholders for the long term.
  3. Establishing a dialogue with stakeholders to improve mutual understanding and respect of potential impacts.
  4. Building sustainable legacies in the communities in which we live and work, in line with our community investment priority areas.

Feedback Management

Aurizon recognises that an important part of our stakeholder and community engagement is in how we manage feedback and respond accordingly. We provide the communities that Aurizon operates within an accessible and responsive process.

Aurizon’s feedback management is guided by eight principles:


The Aurizon feedback handling principles are available on our website and published internally.


The Aurizon feedback access points are readily accessible to a wide range of community stakeholders whether by telephone, email or mailed correspondence and our website.


Feedback is acknowledged according to a response timeframe.


All feedback will be treated equitably in an unbiased manner. Difficult conversations will be conducted in an objective manner. Where applicable, other systems may be implemented (which may include mediation) to achieve practical outcomes for resolution of matters.


Personal details, information and conversations will be actively protected to maintain confidentiality.


Aurizon is open to feedback including complaints and all levels of employees show commitment to its resolution.


There will be clearly established accountabilities for and reporting on actions and decisions with respect to feedback management.

Continual Improvement

The continual improvement of the quality of feedback handling will be conducted.

Goals & Objectives

Positive Relationships

Foster supportive long-term positive relationships with the communities in which we operate

Leading Practice

Consider best practices that seeks to minimise the footprint of our activities on the community

Respecting Feedback

Respectfully consider community feedback that may arise as a result of our business activities

Maintain Relationships

Acting responsibly to uphold our corporate values and legislative obligations

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