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At Aurizon, the safety of ourselves and others is our number one priority. For Aurizon Network to manage and operate the Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN) safely it is vital we control and monitor rail corridor access.

For third parties to access Aurizon Network's rail corridor and other property, we first need to ensure appropriate safety and legal requirements are in place.

We can help with third-party requests (referred to as Wayleave) including: 

  • access for temporary non-invasive activities, such as visual inspection, surveying, soil sampling etc
  • access for construction work
  • permanent or temporary removal and/or installation of infrastructure on, under or above Aurizon Network land or infrastructure
  • use of Aurizon Network private level crossings or access roads
  • new Aurizon Network infrastructure or modifications to our infrastructure.

If your request is to work within a licensed Transfer Facility (Train Loadout/Dump Station) or you are a Third Party Operator wanting to access rollingstock within the Aurizon Network rail corridor, please complete the Transfer Facility/Operator Request Form.

Application process & timeframe

All third-party requests to access Aurizon Network's rail corridor and other property (referred to as Wayleave), are subject to a formal assessment process. Assessment outcomes are generally provided within four to six weeks from the date upon receiving the application (including all supporting documentation).

Upon completion of the assessment, a Technical Approval letter will be issued detailing the application outcome and any conditions that may apply. In addition to a Technical Approval letter, a written legal agreement with Aurizon Network, such as a Licence, may be required. Arrangements for worksite access and/or to meet conditions identified in the Technical Approval letter will need to be made with Aurizon Network.

For access that aligns with an Aurizon planned track closure or an Overhead Line Equipment (OHLE) outage, a minimum of 16 weeks’ notice is required from the date of application receipt. For access that does not require alignment to a closure or OHLE outage, a minimum of 8 weeks’ notice is required. Applications associated with complex or major works will be assessed on a case by case basis. 
Please be advised, all timeframes are indicative only and may be subject to longer processing times.

Fees & Charges

Your Technical Assessment letter may outline conditions which result in additional fees. If so, these fees will be quoted and invoiced based on the work requirements.

Licence fees also apply to approved Wayleave applications and are determined on an individual basis.

Application Forms

Please download and complete the relevant application form.

Application for Access and/or Wayleave

Complete this form when requesting to access or carry out construction on Aurizon Network’s rail corridor and/or other property (including Wayleave requests). For example site surveying, minor and major work within the rail corridor or where requesting to install third party services on our land and/or over our infrastructure.

Reference Documents

To access Aurizon’s Safety, Health & Environment Management System Documentation and Safety Communications, please register or login for existing users, via Safety, Health and Environment, Documents, Advices and Alerts.