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We deliver opportunity

We promote diversity by employing people with diverse genders, gender identities, impairments and abilities, of different ages, languages, cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, political beliefs, trade union activities, parental and family responsibilities and social backgrounds.

Our business practices that support diversity include:
  • Promoting equal opportunity in our recruitment, selection and employment practices and recognising that unconscious bias can impede such practices
  • Ensuring our employment activities, including attraction, retention and development activities promote diversity in our work environments
  • Encouraging employment and promotion from groups recognised by equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination legislation, and
  • Ensuring our employment practices are compliant with anti-discrimination legislation, and in the spirit of promoting equality and equity between employees, regardless of background.

Variety of opportunities

We have a depth of opportunities available in our business.

Committed to Diversity

Our targeted focus on diversity is looking at the different aspects of diversity as a whole. 

Join a dynamic team

We are constantly on the look out for talented people and have positions available right across Australia. 

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General Recruitment FAQs

Aurizon Employment Opportunities

Aurizon does not offer unsolicited work from home opportunities in Australia or overseas. We are aware that fraudulent employment offers may be made via email by people claiming to be employees or representatives of Aurizon. Please be advised that these communications are fraudulent and are not sent from anyone within or affiliated with Aurizon. 

Aurizon only advertises job opportunities on endorsed channels including the Aurizon website, Aurizon social media channels, and Australian job boards. If you are in doubt of whether your communication regarding an Aurizon job opportunity is genuine, please contact
Unauthorised access of third party vendor IT system
Aurizon has been notified by PageUp (its cloud-based software vendor for recruitment) that there has been unauthorised activity on their IT systems.

PageUp has advised that while investigations are continuing, ‘on the balance of probabilities’, PageUp believes certain personal data has been accessed.

Aurizon recognises that this may cause concern for people who have provided personal information into the PageUp system, and encourages individuals to read the statement on its website that provides further information. 

Aurizon is continuing to use PageUp for online recruitment following advice from PageUp that cybersecurity experts confirmed they had not identified any further threats on PageUp systems and that PageUp is safe to use. Further security measures have been implemented to help guard against any similar incident in the future.