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The Aurizon Graduate Program

You will be a part of a diverse, collaborative, and creative workforce where you will know what you are accountable for and can count on having what you need in order to succeed.

As a member of our program you will have rotation opportunities across the company, giving you the chance to learn within a range of jobs and experience different work environments.

Our two-year development program offers graduates exciting and challenging career development opportunities along with:

  • A dedicated mentor and a supportive environment
  • A competitive salary
  • Opportunities to connect with technical and peer networks across Australia
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Social events

Graduate Program Overview

Orientation (2 days)

Start with an overview of Aurizon’s enterprise strategy, safety values, vision and Graduate Development Program offerings.


On-the-job experience working on various projects, project phases, industry sectors and locations across Australia.

Graduate Executive

Help develop and improve the graduate experience as well as build the profile of graduates within Aurizon.

Group Development

Structured 2 year development program focused on both personal and professional skills.

Graduate Showcase

Work in multi-disciplined teams presenting innovative solutions to create cost savings or income generation for Aurizon’s future.

Self-paced Development

Enjoy access to online learning modules letting you work at your own pace.


Be matched with leaders whose experience and knowledge is invaluable to your professional development and career opportunities.

Graduate Opportunities

Safety & Environment

The safety team is responsible for:

  • implementation of and monitoring the Targeting ZEROHarm action plans and initiatives
  • developing risk management skills and leading risk assessments
  • conducting incident investigations through the analysis of trends
  • development of initiatives to prevent reoccurrence.

Aurizon's Environment team plays a crucial role in environmental management practices: maintaining management systems, impact and risk assessments, audits, ongoing monitoring, and field work.

Commercial, Accounting & Finance

Our business analysts within Aurizon’s commercial team are responsible for:

  • conducting market research
  • managing pricing strategies
  • providing pricing and commercial analysis
  • negotiating high-value complex rail haulage contracts
  • managing the portfolio profitability.

Our financial corporate advisory areas provide specialised services relating to tax, treasury, investor relations, capital excellence and mergers and acquisitions.

Our planning and reporting services area is focussed on managing an integrated business framework to maximise shareholder returns, plan for resource allocation and performance analysis.

Communications, External Relations & Brand

Our Brand and Communications team provide five key services; corporate sponsorship & events, community engagement, stakeholder relations, external relations and organisational communications.

The brand team look after marketing campaigns, brand strategy and digital communications.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team partners with our leaders to implement HR solutions and drive a high performance culture. Human Resources assists in implementing strategic HR initiatives across our workforce including employee engagement and development, succession planning and performance management.

Civil Engineering

As a civil engineer, you will have the opportunity to use your professional skills across a variety of asset types including rail and road formation, a range of structure classes, and railway track. You will be involved in strategic planning, design, construction, and maintenance phases of the asset lifecycle.

The work includes:

  • geotechnical investigation and assessment
  • specification, design and estimation
  • supervision and verification of construction works
  • project management and maintenance planning
  • asset performance analysis, and failure and condition investigation

Mechanical Engineering

Be a part of an engineering team responsible for: design, modification, testing, maintenance, safety and reliability of our rollingstock fleet and specialist plant equipment. You will gain experience in project management, monitoring fleet performance, fault identification, and reliability improvement.

The work includes:

  • new vehicle design and vehicle modification
  • rollingstock testing and commissioning
  • project management
  • asset maintenance including fault investigation
  • finite element and fatigue analysis

Electrical Engineering

As an electrical engineer you’ll be working with a wide range of electrical, electronic and software systems including:

  • locomotive traction and control systems
  • HV traction power supply and distribution
  • telecommunications, railway signalling and operational systems
  • SCADA systems

The work includes:

  • specification and design
  • construction planning and supervision
  • inspection, testing and commissioning
  • asset performance analysis, fault investigation and maintenance planning
  • management of multi-system design integration and verification

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Graduates FAQ's

  • Graduate positions are advertised each year from March.

  • Applications are submitted online via our website only, we do not accept emailed or mailed applications. Applicants can submit their online application via the Job Search page once positions are advertised.

  • Our GDP commences each year in February. Employment may start earlier depending on business demands as to whether we are able to accommodate.

  • Aurizon’s Enterprise Graduate Development Program (GDP) is a structured two-year program for all disciplines except Engineering where it is a three year program to:

    • help adapt and cope with transitioning to working / corporate life
    • build their alignment with Aurizon corporate vision
    • learn how to set effective goals for your development
  • We look for graduates who are great with people. Some of the attributes that stand out are:

    • Deep commitment to safety
    • Strong customer focus
    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Initiative/ innovative thinking
    • Attention to detail
    • Integrity
    • Passionate leadership
    • Strong determination to deliver results
    • Extra-circular activities
  • Aurizon offers a competitive salary, which will be discussed with you during the recruitment process and after your interview should you reach the letter-of-offer stage.
  • Aurizon has business operations in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.
  • Yes, we are flexible in your career development however this is dependant on business demands as to whether we are able to accommodate.
  • Every development phase will differ for each graduate. Working hours will be dependent upon the development phase you are working in and requirements of the project or office. As an Engineer within our business you may be on a rotational roster which requires working weekends or nightshift – your manager will discuss this requirement with you.

  • Take the time to read through the information we have given you so that you understand what details we are asking you to provide. Start your application early so that you have time to go back and review it with a clear mind before submitting it. There are no trick questions; answer things honestly and appropriately. Have someone look over your application to proofread it, and make sure you use spell-check. Don’t send something that is generic.
  • Once your application has been submitted you will receive an email advising that we have successfully received it. Throughout the recruitment process we will communicate with you via email so make sure your email address is correct.
    You can make some changes to your application once it has been submitted and we encourage you to make sure that you check your application every few weeks to ensure that the following details are still correct:

    • Résumé
    • Personal details
    • Education information (academic history)
    • Employment information
  • Yes, vacancies depend on project needs. We will attempt to assist 3rd and 4th year students in the first instance as it is becoming more and more common that educational institutions require this experience from students to allow them to complete university and graduate. Applicants can submit their online application via the Job Search page once positions are advertised. Get notified when positions are available by subscribing to job alerts. Applications are accepted through the website only.

  • To be considered for the Aurizon Graduate Development Program you must have completed an Australian or New Zealand Undergraduate degree within two years of commencement of the Graduate Development Program to ensure your studies remain contemporary with current business practices.
    Students who are completing a Masters or PhD must have completed their undergraduate degree within the same two year timeframe (outlined above)
  • Yes, applicants who are unsuccessful are eligible to apply for other appropriate positions in Aurizon which are all advertised on our website.

  • Applications are submitted online via our website ONLY.

  • As this is an Expression of Interest, recruitment and selection processes will commence as business needs require graduate and intern/student positions.

    Applicants will be notified by email regarding the outcome of your application.
    If you are successful you will progress to the next round and will be asked to complete assessment requirements:

    • Online testing
    • Phone interview or Video interviewing
    • Face-to-face interview
    • Reference checks
    • Medical (Engineers only)
    • Employment offer
  • No, Aurizon only accepts graduates who currently hold Australian Permanent Residency such as the Skilled – Independent (residence) visa (subclass 885).

    Aurizon does not sponsor any students in applying for permanent residency. Aurizon does not sponsor graduate program applicants who currently hold (or seek to gain) a 457 Temporary Business (Long stay) Visa, or a 485 Skilled Graduate (Temporary) Visa.

  • Whilst our graduate program is mostly targeted towards construction/engineering graduates, a large part of our business operates within the support functions as listed below. If you have studied any of these disciplines and are interested in working for Aurizon we encourage you to apply.

    • Accelerated career development via an extensive rotation program across the business to learn different skills
    • On-the-job training, including technical training
    • Graduate Executive Program that represents develops and improves Graduate opportunities
    • Graduate Showcase working in multi discipline teams on new innovative solutions for Aurizon future
    • Online access to self-paced training
    • Assistance with your post graduate studies
    • Assistance with professional membership status
    • Career development/mentor programs
    • Alliance and project opportunities
    • Access to leading edge technologies
    • Networking events
  • The nature and location of work will affect resourcing requirements. When determining the project that you will be working on your Manager and Graduate Coordinator will take into account where you are currently based and try to locate you close to home where possible. While your home location is taken into consideration many of our projects are spread across diverse geographical locations and if our interstate and remote projects may require graduates to relocate. If a project comes up that you are very interested in working on you can advise us of your interest and we will try to accommodate this depending on project requirement.
  • Yes. The Aurizon Graduate Development Program provides graduates with the opportunity to learn about and experience the way we do business. The purpose of rotations is to assist graduates in building their core capabilities and technical skills to support the diverse functions of the business. Rotations also provide you with the opportunity to meet and network with a whole range of people increasing your connections within the business even further.
  • Aurizon has a standard relocation procedure that will be implemented in the case of any graduate required to relocate as part of their role with the business.
  • Aurizon recruits based on business and project needs, so there will be some occasions when mid-year intakes are required. Our graduate roles are advertised on our website, we encourage you to set up a job alert.

  • Aurizon recruits based on business and project needs. Sometimes these needs are not known at the start of the recruitment process, however they will be confirmed as applications progress.

  • At Aurizon we commence graduates as full-time (fixed term) employees from day one for two years. During the 2 year program we will rotate you around our company, allowing you to fully explore all of the divisions that our diverse organisation offers, providing you with the opportunity to build your career with us. Given the amount of time and resources we invest in our graduates we aim to keep you all employed within the business post Graduate Development Program.
  • Aurizon actively supports university-based internship programs and work-integrated learning courses in a range of disciplines. This gives you the opportunity to gain industry experience that works around your university schedule.

  • Yes, applicants are eligible to apply for the Aurizon Graduate Development Program again the following year however you must have completed your studies within two years of the year of application.