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In August 2017, we announced the intent to exit our Intermodal business.

The Intermodal Interstate Business was closed as planned at the end of 2017 and surplus rollingstock as well as experienced employees were transferred to our growing Coal New South Wales (NSW) business.

In October 2018, Aurizon executed an agreement with Linfox for the purchase of our Queensland Intermodal business.  This includes freight-forwarding and pick-up-and-delivery assets, rail wagons, the transfer of customer contracts and the majority of operational employees.  This transaction is expected to take effect early in 2019.

Separately, Aurizon continues to seek clearance of the Acacia Ridge terminal to Pacific National through Federal Court proceedings.

Until all divestment matters are resolved Aurizon will continue to serve existing Intermodal customers offering end to end and door to door rail-based solutions for the transport of containerised goods, specialising in the movement of full container loads as well as palletised products.

Carbon Calculator

We have developed a carbon calculator which enables the comparison of GHG emissions of rail versus road transportation. The calculator will provide a comparison of the carbon and safety benefits of using rail versus road.

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Book now on 1300 130 676.

If you are a large customer looking for a tailored solution, speak to one of our sales leadership team who will work with you to build a solution that meets the needs of your business.

Stuart Dachs - Sales Manager, Queensland
P: 0407 627 744

Import and Export  
Stephen Ironside - IMEX Manager
P: 0413 451 000

Intermodal FAQ's

  • Cash bookings are offered for businesses. All freight movements require payment prior to collection/ acceptance. Simply call the customer contact team on 1300 130 676 or email and we will provide you with a tax invoice for payment (see methods of payment). Once payment has been confirmed, your consignment will be booked and a consignment note will be issued.

  • Unfortunately, not all freight is suitable for sending via rail.
    We do not offer the transportation of the following items:

    • No fragile freight (glassware, garden pots, statues etc)
    • No people or animals (alive or dead)
    • No auction house freight (EBay, Greys online etc.)
    • No personal freight
    • No machinery
    • No vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bikes, boats, caravans, trailers, lawnmowers etc)

    Dangerous Goods - Hazardous (dangerous) materials needs approval prior to collection. This includes but is not limited to acids (Including batteries), explosives (including fireworks and ammunition), fuel ,gas, flammable, corrosive or caustic substances, poisons and radioactive materials.
    Aurizon transports most classes of dangerous goods subject to prior approval.

    For more details on particular classes please contact us on 1300 130 676 or email

  • We accept all major credit cards (subject to credit card surcharge). Direct Deposit is also available. For the security of your personal information, we recommend calling our contact centre staff on 1300 130 676 to make a credit card payment rather than emailing details through. An online payment facility is not currently available.
  • All consignment notes are internally tracked. If the delivery falls out of these time, for an updated Estimated Time of Arrival(ETA), please call our Customer Contact centre on 1300 130 676 or email

  • Please view our Freight page for volume information.

  • If you are an existing customer please log in or register for the portal.
    If you are a new customer please complete the enquiry form above.