Michael Carter

Group Executive Technical Services and Planning

Appointed 1 July 2017


Michael was appointed as Aurizon’s Group Executive Technical Services & Planning in July 2017. Prior to this appointment, Michael held the positions of Executive Vice President Operations, Executive Vice President Strategy & Business Development and Executive Vice President Network.

Michael has broad experience in leadership roles over a 30-year career in the rail industry, including freight, passenger and heavy haul rail operations. His experience includes significant national and international industry roles in the rail and transport sectors.

He has been a core member of Aurizon’s executive leadership team for a decade, playing a prominent role in the Company’s transformation.

In his current role, Michael is responsible for working with the business units as a provider of key enterprise specialised services including medium/long-term planning with a focus on whole-of-enterprise capability and effectiveness.

Under his stewardship are the critical functions of fleet planning, train deployment centre, rollingstock asset management, supply and procurement, technology, project management and real estate.

Michael has been a Director of the Rail Industry Safety Standards Board, the Australian Logistics Council, the Australasian Rail Association, and the Union of International Railways World Executive Council.

Michael also has experience as an advisor to the London Underground.