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The Hexham Train Support Facility (TSF) Turning Angle services Aurizon's growing Hunter Valley coal freight business and alleviates capacity pressures in the coal supply chain.

The Hexham Train Support Facility (TSF) is located at Maitland Road, Hexham, NSW on approximately 38 hectares of zoned industrial land. State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) Approval MP07_0171 was issued for the project on the 10 October 2013. Construction of the TSF was finalised in 2016 with full operation commencing in 2016.

Since the TSF was approved and constructed, growth in Hunter Valley network demand has resulted in significant operational constraints relating to congestion within the TSF and Hunter Valley network. Congestion has impacted Aurizon’s ability to turn locomotives resulting in increased operational costs and service cancellations.

To facilitate efficient turning of locomotives Aurizon is constructing a Turning Angle within the southern portion of the existing TSF project boundary. SSI Approval MP07_0171 MOD 1 was issued for the Turning Angle on the 09 October 2019.   

The Turning Angle will consist of approximately 1.5km of single track rail and permit the turning of locomotives onsite resulting in reduced network congestions and improved network efficiencies.

The Turning Angle is consistent with the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) strategy of continuous improvement associated with the Hunter Valley Corridor Capacity Strategy.

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