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Aurizon has invested $130 million in the Goonyella Rail Expansion Project to lift coal haulage capacity from 129 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) to 140 mtpa on the Goonyella System. It is the single largest export coal rail network in Australia.

Construction of the Wotonga Feeder Station commenced in early 2013 as part of the Goonyella Rail Expansion Project. The TrackPower Alliance completed construction in early 2014 and the substation was commissioned in April as a TSC. The Wotonga Feeder Station includes Track Sectioning Cabins (TSC) at Carborough Downs and Grosvenor to, increase the traction power capacity on the northern and western Goonyella lines.
The rail system upgrade will allow an additional 11 mtpa capacity on the network, assisting further growth of Queensland’s coal industry and the state economy.

In January 2014, Powerlink commenced construction of the 132 kV substation connecting the Wotonga Feeder Station to the Transmission Network. This was completed in mid 2015.

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