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Over Dimensional Road Loads (ODRL) on Aurizon Network crossings

How do I apply?

Step 1: 

Download and complete an Application to move an over dimensional vehicle across Aurizon Network rail infrastructure

Step 2: 

Email completed form to

Step 3: 

Our ODRL team will process the application and respond within 5 business days with a permit, confirmation or a request for further information.

Step 4: 

If you require changes to the details on an issued permit or confirmation, please email or call 07 3019 1517 to obtain an amendment.

Download form


  • A permit is a document issued by Aurizon Network that permits an over dimensional road vehicle to cross Aurizon Network rail infrastructure (See Map for more details).
  • Aurizon Network requires that over dimensional road vehicle operators advise us of any changes to the information provided in an application. Please contact us on or call 07 3019 1517 with any amendment requests. Any changes to the vehicle route will require a new application to be submitted.
  • Failure to apply may constitute an offence under traffic, rail safety, electrical safety and transport infrastructure legislation, and may also result in the imposition of fines by the relevant safety regulators or authorities. The Transport Infrastructure (Rail) Regulation 2017 specifies a maximum penalty of 20 penalty units per offence.
  • A confirmation is a document issued by Aurizon Network confirming that an over dimensional road vehicle will not be crossing Aurizon Network rail infrastructure.
  • Aurizon Network does not charge a fee for ODRL applications. There is, however, a fee for permits and amendments to permits. Please see our Fees & Charges Guide for further information. Confirmations and amendments to confirmations are free of charge.