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Our ongoing collaboration with government, key stakeholders and our customers allow us to develop solutions to minimise rail noise.

We are committed to noise reduction research and development, innovative engineering solutions and the investigation of new technology to manage rail noise. In fact, we frequently implement pilots and trials in collaboration with government and key stakeholders.

We also undertake scheduled maintenance of our locomotive and wagon fleet, including wheel re-profiling and wheel replacement to effectively manage rail noise. We regularly conduct scheduled track maintenance and renewal programs in the operation of our Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN). 

Compliance with the Safety Management System for each jurisdiction in which we operate is an integral part of our accreditation to operate as a rail operator and service provider. As such, one requirement is the sounding of the rail horn or klaxon at level crossings to warn pedestrians and motorists of an approaching train.

Other noise management initiatives include the use of top of rail lubrication and electric lubrication units to make sure there is a consistent delivery of lubrication onto the rail tracks.

Case Study - Collaboration with NSW Government at Beecroft

We are collaborating with the NSW Government, the track owner Sydney Trains and customers to trial long-term solutions to combat railway noise. The NSW Government Department of Transport-led trial aims to monitor noise in the Beecroft corridor North of Sydney and identify ways in which rollingstock, the track and their interface contribute to the generation of wheel squeal.

We are currently trialling a range of solutions, including top of rail lubrication, gauge face lubrication and friction modification.