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Under National Rail Safety Legislation, all Rail Safety Workers (including Contractor Workers) must:

  • Be competent to carry out the work
  • Have identification that allows their competence to be checked
  • Be medically fit to undertake the work

To meet these requirements when working for or on behalf of Aurizon, Contractor Rail Safety Workers (RSW) must be able to demonstrate they meet Aurizon’s RSW minimum training, competency, and medical requirements (e.g., when requested by Aurizon or Regulators). 

Matrices outlining Aurizon’s minimum training, competency, and medical requirements for RSW roles are available below. 

Unless otherwise advised by Aurizon, Contractor RSWs must also:

  • Be able to demonstrate they hold a current RSW ID Card from Aurizon’s Avetta (Pegasus) Portal
  • Have appropriate evidence uploaded against all relevant RSW roles in Aurizon’s Avetta (Pegasus) Portal

If a Contractor RSW is unable to demonstrate they are competent, medically fit and hold a current RSW ID, they will not be allowed to conduct Rail Safety Work for Aurizon.

Information on Aurizon’s Avetta (Pegasus) Portal can be found here: 

Contact details: