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What Reconciliation means to me

Meet Tamie-Lee. Tamie-Lee is a Senior Logistics Officer at Aurizon and proud Yiman woman. As part of National Reconciliation Week, Tamie-Lee shares what Reconciliation means to her.

I am a proud Yiman woman from the Iman nation. I grew up and have spent most of my life living on Darumbal land – a place I will always feel deeply connected to.

In 2011 I started my Career at Aurizon as a Trainee Network Controller. I went on to work as a Controller at the Central Queensland Coal Network (CQCN) until June 2015 and then moved to Melbourne to work as a Senior Logistics Officer as part of the Interstate Intermodal team.

As part of National Reconciliation Week, I’d like to share what Reconciliation means to me.

For me, a major part of Reconciliation is healing the past, and I believe to do so we need all Australians to understand the past wrongs that have deeply affected Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how these wrongs are a major cause of disadvantages today.

Understanding the past will help make for a brighter future and prevent these wrongs ever being repeated.

We should celebrate and embrace the fact that Australia is home of arguably the oldest and richest cultures in the world.

All Australians should be proud and committed to sharing and preserving this culture. Australia is known for its diversity and inclusion.

We have achieved many milestones on our journey to Reconciliation but we still have many steps to take.

I’m also proud to be part of Aurizon’s Indigenous Reference Group and have seen firsthand how serious Aurizon is about its commitments to Reconciliation and Closing the Gap.