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Marty Zeck shares why he asks R U OK?

Each year at Aurizon we mark Rail R U OK? Day to show support and encouragement for one another. This year, Aurizon's Marty Zeck shares his thoughts on the importance of looking out for each other, as part of the joint TrackSAFE and R U OK? rail industry campaign.

Marty is a Regional Operations Leader for our business in Western Australia, and has been part of the rail industry for 28 years.

In the video, Marty shares some of the personal challenges he has experienced and the steps he took to seek help and move forward.

He also provides an insight to what drives him to help others and the approach he takes to support and encourage people in his team as well as those around him.

Watch Marty's video to hear his powerful message and learn more about how asking a simple, genuine question can change someone's life.