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Delivering unique learning opportunities for graduates

Meet Shyneal, a 2018 Aurizon Graduate who enjoys a challenge and is making an impact at Aurizon.

I have been with Aurizon for four years, beginning my career as an Accounting Intern in 2015. In the past four years, Aurizon has shown me the opportunities for career progression within the company and supported me throughout my internship and the graduate program.

In 2018, I began the Aurizon Graduate Program as a Graduate Accountant in Rockhampton and work in a team of four ‘Finance Partners’. We are responsible for providing financial expertise to Aurizon’s Central Queensland Coal haulage business. This includes providing financial and performance reports, collaborating with managers/leaders to complete budgets, analysing results to provide insights and/or recommendations to the business, and providing commentary on monthly/yearly performance.

Every day in my role is different and I enjoy that element of my work. Some days I am building a new report with new technology; some days I am travelling out to different depots to assist the managers/leaders with different tasks and queries; and other days I am analysing a different dataset to provide insight to the business. There is always something new and I love this because I am always improving my knowledge and developing my skills.

Managers in the company have shown an interest in providing me, and others, with development opportunities and exposure to the wider business. The interest managers have taken in my career progression has been just one of the positives about working at Aurizon.

I have learnt a lot about both my discipline and about the company’s operations. I have been exposed to different working environments, supporting teams in local depots, having the opportunity to go onsite, as well as being able to travel on one of our locomotives. The opportunities and experiences I have gained working at Aurizon is something I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else.

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