Tina Thomas

Group Executive Corporate

Appointed 1 July 2017


Tina was appointed Group Executive Corporate in July 2017. Prior to this appointment, Tina was the Executive Vice President Human Resources.

Tina is an experienced senior executive and has broad global business experience in Human Resources, Health and Safety, Environment, Security and Emergency Management, Indigenous, Community and Corporate Affairs, Sustainability, Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Tina’s twenty-four-year executive career was spent with Woodside Energy Ltd, Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company. Her most recent role was Senior Vice President Corporate.

In her current role, Tina is responsible for managing Aurizon’s strategic enterprise initiatives and governance activities, as well as the corporate expertise and services that enable the business to deliver value. Tina’s portfolio consists of Human Resources, Safety, Health and Environment, Brand and Communications, Legal and General Counsel, Risk and Assurance, and the Company Secretary role.

Tina combines her broad executive experience with a passion for driving organisational performance through strategy, leadership and culture. She has led major organisational and culture change initiatives.

Tina has also worked as a Management Consultant and Board Director.