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FY2016 Sustainability Report

Sustainability is at the core of Aurizon’s mission. We are committed to building a business that delivers lasting value for our shareholders, customers, employees and communities.

In addition to the Full and Concise FY2016 Sustainability Reports, this year we have also developed an online overview of our Sustainability Report Highlights by providing an interactive snapshot of our nine material priority areas.

View our Sustainability Highlights Download Full Report Download the Concise Report

View our FY2016 Sustainability Highlights

How are we seeking to deliver a more sustainable business we can all be proud of? Find out by visiting our dedicated microsite that provides a unique interactive online overview of our nine material priority areas.

Sustainability Highlights Microsite

Carbon Calculator

We have developed a carbon calculator which enables the comparison of GHG emissions of rail versus road transportation. The calculator will provide a comparison of the carbon and safety benefits of using rail versus road.

Carbon Calculator Promo Image

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