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Aurizon Community Giving Fund

At Aurizon, we're delivering more.

Applications now open.

Are you a charity or community group working in the areas of health and wellbeing, community safety, environment or education? Are you in need of more funding?

It doesn’t matter how big or how small the charity is, if it benefits our communities, we want to help it succeed. The latest round of the Aurizon Community Giving Fund is now open, closing 28 April 2017 at 5pm AEST.

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Over the past six years Aurizon has helped a cross-section of community groups across Australia through the Community Giving Fund to deliver projects that make our communities a better place to live. From Townsville to Geraldton, we deliver much more than products and commodities. Since 2011, we have been giving back to local communities we live and work in, supporting over 240 charities and not-for-profits in education, community safety, environment as well as health and wellbeing. We deliver hope and opportunity, engaging the community in a more meaningful way.

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Acting responsibly, operating in a sustainable manner and providing a positive contribution to communities where we operate are vital to our business success.

We recognize that our business impacts many regional, rural and urban communities across Australia. At Aurizon, we are committed to developing and maintaining positive community and stakeholder relationships with our communities. We consider ourselves part of the local communities where we live and work.

Aurizon operates an engagement governance process that must recognise and adhere to external government requirements (legislation), regulatory bodies (regulations) as well as internal governance policies.

Our Community Engagement Charter is built on four key philosophies:

  1. Commitment to the principal of ZEROHarm in the communities Aurizon operates within.
  2. Building sustainable positive relationships between Aurizon, the community and stakeholders for the long term.
  3. Establishing a dialogue with stakeholders to improve mutual understanding and respect of potential impacts.
  4. Building sustainable legacies in the communities in which we live and work, in line with our community investment priority areas.

Feedback Management

Aurizon recognises that an important part of our stakeholder and community engagement is in how we manage feedback and respond accordingly. We provide the communities that Aurizon operates within an accessible and responsive process.

Aurizon’s feedback management is guided by eight principles:


The Aurizon feedback handling principles are available on our website and published internally.


The Aurizon feedback access points are readily accessible to a wide range of community stakeholders whether by telephone, email or mailed correspondence and our website.


Feedback is acknowledged according to a response timeframe.


All feedback will be treated equitably in an unbiased manner. Difficult conversations will be conducted in an objective manner. Where applicable, other systems may be implemented (which may include mediation) to achieve practical outcomes for resolution of matters.


Personal details, information and conversations will be actively protected to maintain confidentiality.


Aurizon is open to feedback including complaints and all levels of employees show commitment to its resolution.


There will be clearly established accountabilities for and reporting on actions and decisions with respect to feedback management.

Continual Improvement

The continual improvement of the quality of feedback handling will be conducted.

Goals & Objectives

Positive Relationships

Foster supportive long-term positive relationships with the communities in which we operate

Leading Practice

Consider best practices that seeks to minimise the footprint of our activities on the community

Respecting Feedback

Respectfully consider community feedback that may arise as a result of our business activities

Maintain Relationships

Acting responsibly to uphold our corporate values and legislative obligations

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Rockhampton Roundhouse

Rockhampton Roundhouse

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Rockhampton Roundhouse, Aurizon has prepared a book to capture the stories of employees that have worked in this iconic structure. The book serves as a unique record of the role the Rockhampton Roundhouse has played in the economic development of local communities and the state of Queensland. 

Community Giving

At Aurizon, we are not just about delivering freight, we are about delivering the best we can for the communities we live and work in.

Our diverse community investment portfolio support communities and our employees in the areas of health and wellbeing, community safety, environment and education.

The Community Giving program comprises of a number of initiatives including:

  • Community Giving Fund
  • Freight Assistance
  • Community Partnerships
  • Disaster Relief

We are committed to delivering for our communities.

Freight Assistance Program

Aurizon has a proud and long history of supporting the communities in which it operates. As part of this commitment, Aurizon has operated a freight assistance program to a number of charities in Queensland for many years.

The program provides in-kind support to charities who play a valuable role in Queensland communities by distributing to goods including food, clothing and books to struggling families.

Our current freight assistance partners include:

Red Cross LogoLifeline LogoSt Vincent De Paul LogoFood Relief LogoSalvation Army LogoSamaritans Purse Logo

Partnerships Overview

Aurizon has a proud track record of supporting the communities in which we work and live, in many different ways. Some of the most important elements of this support are our local, regional and national partnerships.

We look to create mutually beneficial relationships with key organisations or community groups, where our involvement can help these groups achieve their goals.

As part of our community investment program, Aurizon is forming partnerships with organisations and events that support our focus on Community Safety, Health & Wellbeing.

Newcastle Knights

Newcastle Knights

The Hunter Valley is an important area for Aurizon, with growing operations and a growing workforce. Aurizon is proud to be a major sponsor of the Newcastle Knights.

We are dedicated to expanding our national footprint and market presence and our partnership with the Newcastle Knights supports our commitment to regional communities.

Off the field, the Newcastle Knights recognise the people in their region are their most important asset, and therefore are involved in a number of programs and charity intiatives to support the local community.

Anzac Centenary

Anzac Centenary

Aurizon is proudly supporting the Australian Government's Anzac Centenary Public Fund.

The Anzac Centenary is an important anniversary for our nation. It is a unique opportunity to recognise the thousands of Australian men and women who fought at Gallipoli and on other battlefields through more than a century of service.

Aurizon's 150 year history of supplying important resources and freight to Australia has spanned the many turbulent years of war.

Aurizon is proud to support the Commonwealth Government’s vision of providing opportunities for the Australian community to commemorate a Century of Service and the Anzac Centenary. Aurizon is contributing $2.5 million over five years to this Fund.

For more information about the Anzac Centenary Public Fund visit the Anzac Centenary website.

Clontarf Foundation

Aurizon’s partnership with the Clontarf Foundation will make a difference and improve the lives of indigenous young men.

The Clontarf Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit organisation set up to improve the education, discipline, self-esteem, life skills and employment prospects of young Aboriginal men.

The Foundation has been highly successful in attracting boys to school and retaining them. It has also been successful in placing graduates in permanent full-time employment.

How does the program operate?
The Foundation’s programs are delivered through a network of Academies, each of which operates in partnership with a secondary school or college. The Foundation uses the existing passion Aboriginal boys have for football –either Aussie Rules or rugby league – to attract them to attend an Academy.

Once selected, the boys must consistently endeavour to attend school regularly, apply themselves to the study of appropriate courses and embrace the Academy’s requirements for behaviour and self-discipline. Upon completing school, graduates are helped to find employment and are provided with on-going support.

What locations does Clontarf Foundation operate?
Clontarf currently operates more than 60 schools in 39 cities and towns across Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. It is also now expanding into Queensland.

For more information visit the Clontarf Foundation website.
UN Women logo

UN Women

Aurizon's Platinum Partnership with the Australian National Committee for UN Women is aimed at empowering women and ensuring gender equality in the workplace.

Aurizon is proud to elevate its long standing relationship with the Australian National Committee for UN Women to Platinum Partnership from 2015.

UN Women's priority areas are:

  • Increasing women’s leadership and participation
  • Ending violence against women
  • Engaging women in all aspects of peace and security processes
  • Enhancing women’s economic empowerment
  • Making gender equality central to national development planning and budgeting

The Australian National Committee for UN Women is actively working to address gender equity issues, especially in Australia and our region. Aurizon has been fortunate to see first-hand the work of UN Women in Papua New Guinea and Fiji.

Aurizon is also proud to be a signatory to the Women’s Empowerment Principles. The Women’s Empowerment Principles are a set of seven principles that offer guidance for business based on best practices from around the world and is the result of a joint initiative between UN Women and the UN Global Compact. Aurizon is one of only a handful of Australian Companies to have signed up to these principles.

For more information visit the Australian National Committee for UN Women website.

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